Marc Jacobs Homepage Redesign

Project Description 

This project for Marc Jacobs Fragrances involved a redesign of the homepage for  The initial design concepts sought to leverage the global elements (header and footer) to allow for minimal updates to the website's interior pages.


I lead this project design and worked closely with the oversight of a creative director.  I was involved in all aspects of the design including the client presentations and development oversight.   


The process began with designs of two creative concept directions (see presentation video above).  After getting feedback from the client on the concepts, I created the third design (seen below) and made updates to the interior pages of the website to carryover the new navigation and header design.

Preview the Designs In Browser:

Design Concept A
Desktop View  |  Mobile View

Design Concept B
Desktop View  |  Mobile View

Final Designs
Desktop View  |  Mobile View