Shearman & Sterling / Client Publications & Email Marketing Design

Project Description

This project for international law firm Shearman & Sterling involved converting pdf thought leadership publications into responsive interactive long form articles and redesigning the corresponding email campaigns.  The Client Publications refresh served to modernize the brand experience and increase reader engagement.


I lead this project from discovery to design.  I was involved in all aspects of the project conducting workshops and meetings with the client and creating the design concepts and final visual designs.


The process began with a discovery phase that consisted of working closely with the client in discovery workshops – audience analysis and brand & creative as well as a competitor analysis.  After defining the creative direction, I created two visual design concepts for the long form article template to reflect different aspects of the evolving brand.   Once a direction was selected, the article design template was finalized and the corresponding email designs were created.  The design was created based on components that can be reused for a variety of future articles and I also worked closely with a technical architect to vet the designs feasibility for implementation.

Preview the Designs In Browser:

Client Publication Long Form Article
Desktop View  |  Mobile View

Desktop View  |  Mobile View